Trying to get Pregnant hard

Dear Ask The Doctor: I had surgery on a hiatal hernia about 3 years ago and have Crohns Disease. I am thinking about doing in vitro fertilization as a result of unrelated issues regarding my husbands sperm. I am trying to get Pregnant hard .

My question is if you think that I will have a harder pregnancy than a woman without these problems. I did get the hernia fixed but I do feel pain there if pressure is put on it and I get a lot of gas pressure and pain that settles in there.

I also have very painful periods. When it is my time of the month I am usually very sick, sometimes even limited to laying in my bed as a result of Crohns flair-ups and gas buildup making me sick.

I want to continue with our plan of starting a family but I wanted a little information first. If I am that sick for the three days that I have my period, then how would I feel through 9 months?

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